Skill Development Program

At Education Excellence, we specialize in building skills for
individuals and organizations in both the public and private
sectors. Our core competencies are focused on
three areas:

Human Resource Development Program: 

Our expertise lies in providing customized Human Resource
Development programs for the financial, educational and
corporate sectors. We work in collaboration with international
universities and world-class experts to design and
facilitate bespoke and need-based corporate training initiatives
that contribute to institutional capacity building for public and
private sector enterprises.

Teachers Training & Study Tour Program:

We offer short-term training opportunities in international
destinations for public sector officials and teachers of
various countries. Additionally, we facilitate education promotion events in international destinations for “Study in India” under the Ministry of Education,
India. Our team of experts is capable of facilitating such programs
anywhere in the world, providing an intellectual and physical journey
for professionals from various trades to create a common understanding, commitment to new approaches, and to build strong and
prosperous networking.

Training Program in the Financial Sector:

Education Excellence has organized and launched training programs
such as BASE II and BASE III, conducted by internationally
recognized professionals and resource persons from the Central Bank
of Bangladesh. We were the first to introduce these programs in
Bangladesh in 2006 and since then, we have continued to lead the
way in providing high-quality training programs in the financial


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