Study Camp & Excursions

Education Excellence pioneered the introduction of
Summer Camps in the UK specifically for Bangladeshi
school students back in 2016. Summer Camp is an
exceptional educational experience provided by international education institutions. Typically spanning one to

three weeks, these camps offer an intensive program
aimed at promoting comprehensive learning through
various methods, including lectures, discussions, visits to
historical sites, interactive games, speeches and more.

We firmly believe that attending an exposure study camp
is a vital aspect of a student’s academic, socio-cultural,
and extracurricular growth. Our Summer Camps provide
students with an opportunity to immerse themselves in a
different environment, engaging in a diverse range of
activities. These camps not only cater to their educational
needs but also prepare them for their future studies and
professional careers. the benefits include:

Global Exposure
Enhanced Social Understanding
Proficiency in the English Language
Intensive and Interactive Learning
Increased Self-Confidence
Building friendships with students from other countries

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